Your potential is limitless. So is our service.

Being a part of Ouspace means that work becomes part of play, and play becomes part of work. We have considered all your needs, every little detail of your day, and we offer a lifestyle that is completely in sync with yours. For anything more, all you need to do is ask.

Outdoor Space

Landscaped to perfection, our outdoor spaces bring you the spirit of nature and host most Ouspace events, blurring the line between business and pleasure. We strongly encourage the use of outdoor space at every location.

The Lounge

Take a break, grab a cup of artisanal coffee, and mingle with the Ouspace crowd.

The Food

The finest tastes for every dietary requirement and schedule. If you want a special monthly menu delivered to your office or a take-away dinner as you’re leaving for home, we’ll make it happen. You imagine, we manifest.

Here are some of our services we offer at varying locations. We recommend to include as many of these services as possible in each Ouspace office location.


Helpful staff and personalized approach to each Ouspace Citizen.

Additional Items

Additional benefits in hotels, restaurants, fitness and yoga studios and partners.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

Event Room

Event room.

Printing Credits

Printing credits.

Mail Services

Mail services.

Access To Events

Access to events.

Private Phone

Private Phone



Parking Discounts

Parking Discounts

Personal Touch & Care

Personal Touch & Care.

Green Design

Green design, unique art and stylish details.


Unique tasty coffee and snacks.


Free meeting room hours.

Easy Access

Access to global portal for collaboration and latest news.

IT Solution

High technology and IT assistance.


High quality and speed internet.


Small, casual, and spot on.

Sleeping Pods

For that fueling power nap.

Treatment Room

Just book the room and pamper yourself.


A curated selection of global monthlies, weeklies, and books.

Space Attendant

Get assistance on minor tasks and save yourself time and effort.

Space Assistant

Full-time or part-time assistants are available on demand.

Tech Support

Whatever you need, 24/7.

Pilates & Yoga

Private and group lessons.


Reliable, safe, and convenient.


Car rental, driver, carwash.


Stationary, clothing or tell us what you need and we will find it.


Dry Cleaning, Tailor, Shoe Shine.


Special insurance package and mobile healthcare service.

Event Planning

Whatever you need for your private event.

Shuttle Service

Between Ouspace and airports/train stations.

Valet Parking

Saves you time and energy 24/7.