The antonym of the cubicle. The antithesis of the dull office building.

Ouspace provides perfect work environments where fresh air, sunlight, flexibility and freedom are default. Each workspace is tech-savvy, elegantly designed, and specially curated to fit the needs of all individuals and businesses. We offer many different types of workspace to appeal to everyone. Enjoy your space daily, monthly, or yearly.


Become an Ouspace Citizen and get access to community internal portal and more exclusive offers by renting a private desk or office

  • Private Office

    A holistic office space with ergonomic furniture and refined taste. Private offices are already fit-out to match any office room needs. All you need to do is show up ready to work.

    Starts from 6 m2.
    Access to various Ouspace services and events.
    Rent on flexible term.


  • Custom Private Office

    Private office with the added luxury of customizing from Ouspace’s design palette and making the space truly your own. Offering a turn-key solution for your team, our private offices are custom-tailored to fit your needs with everything from furniture to pencils. Providing the privacy your team needs, available in an enclosed and comfortable environment.

  • Home Office

    Cozy, bright, and sophisticated, our home offices are ideal for those who are always on the go or work better in seclusion. Once you’re ready for a break, head into the connected bedroom and relax.

    Access to all Ouspace services and events.
    70-120 m2.
    1-2 bathrooms.
    Rent on flexible terms.


  • Conventional Office

    A large, secluded, custom-designed office. Perfect for big companies. We’ll help you design, build and manage the perfect space for you and your team. Whether it’s an entire building or one floor of offices, we can tailor it all for you.

    Access to various Ouspace services and events.
    Rent on flexible terms.

  • Private Desk

    Your own little space in the shared area. Use the privacy curtains at some of our shared desk stations, and save all of your things in the private drawer just for you. Use the desk for a day or mark your name on it for long-term use.

    Located in the shared area.
    Access to all Ouspace services and events.
    Rent weekly, monthly, or yearly.



Non-citizens are also welcome to enjoy Ouspace services and facilities on demand and is great for part-time or freelance workers and business travellers. Take advantage of the networking opportunities that our co-working space has to offer, and enjoy the social events and food & beverage options.

  • Virtual Office

    Let Ouspace take care of the routine while you’re out there making things happen. Register your company to Ouspace and we will take care of the technical stuff. Great for small start-ups, online companies, and those who simply need a physical address for their business.
    Ouspace becomes your work address.
    An assistant takes your calls and organizes your mail.
    Access to various Ouspace services and events when you’re in town.

  • Meeting Zone

    The expandable meeting room area artfully combines advanced technology with modern aesthetics. We provide inspiring environments to get those creative juices flowing.
    Top-notch catering services.
    Rent hourly or daily.
    Free hours included in the packages.

  • Event Room

    Perfect spot to hold workshops, meetings, seminars or even social events.
    Enjoy quality catering services.
    Rent hourly or daily.